Barberi Laboratory is a network for research on the experience of space from a transdisciplinary perspective.

Foto: Hisao Suzuki

The Universe of Shared Creativity

RCR Arquitectes, an architectural practice founded by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem y Ramon Vilalta in Olot in 1988, has seen recognition of its career receiving national and international awards. Since 2008 their headquarters are in Barberí Space, an ancient artistic foundry.

RCR has always aspired to combine professional practice with architectural research and has applied this philosophy to their projects. Because of this interest, the office has branched out to RCR Lab·A — an open architecture laboratory — as a space to develop research and creative transversality in 2008, and to the RCR Bunka Private Foundation in 2013 which aims stimulating socially the assessment of architecture and landscape, and, implicitly, the arts and culture.

The International Workshop RCR

In 2008, the first International Workshop RCR was launched from RCR Arquitectes and RCR Lab·A until the creation of a seed format in its fifth edition in 2012. From 2013, the management passes to RCR Lab·A in co-organization with RCR Bunka Private Foundation.

Currently, during the month of August, there are workshops of Architecture and Landscape, Audiovisual and Photography, and Scenography, managed by RCR Lab·A, with an additional offer of a Dance and Graphic Design Program. The Open Program for all publics enriches the International Workshop with conferences and an exhibition, designed and organized by RCR Bunka Private Foundation.

Joining practice with theory, experience and research, creativity and transversality.

Foto: Hisao Suzuki

RCR Lab·A and the Barberí Laboratory

With the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the International Summer Workshop in 2017 arises an extension towards an activity throughout the year. RCR Lab·A is now configured as an entity with the aim of being an open architecture laboratory space to develop creative research and transversality.

One of its branches is Barberí Laboratory, a platform of research in network of elementary topics in architecture from a transdisciplinary viewpoint that considers the world in its complexity. For the cycle 2017-2022, Barberi Laboratory proposes the issue of space with the aim of deepening in topics such as void, matter, light, time and silence.

Barberi Laboratory is an international platform open to the participation of universities, institutions and research groups from their culture and tools, with the collaboration of companies. The development of a common theme proposed by Laboratory Barberi aims to generate a critical mass in the research of space with results of reference in this matter. The virtual meeting point will be the website of Barberi Laboratory.

We Share

Innovation in architecture is historically associated to technological innovation, but we believe that this dynamic has been depleted and that we are just in the opposite moment: innovation in architecture, born from creativity, may entail technological innovation. For this purpose, we offer investigating key issues of architecture, essential to create experiential spaces, the unique experience born out of a specific place.

Transversality, networking and persons are the indispensable ingredients to reach new challenges under a clear concept: avoiding homogenization and opting for the being and the present, a feeling born from architecture in RCR Arquitectes, for the creation of spaces for life.

Barberí Space

Barberí Space reflects this idea of place next to a way of understanding architecture: the dialogue between new and old, the relationship with the exterior, the passage of time, the history of the building. This atmosphere helps to carry out and to transmit the architecture of RCR Arquitectes. It offers at the same time different spaces, different worlds into one.

In the Barberi foundry, with more than four centuries of history, have been created bells and sculptures, with a great international projection and in collaboration with sculptors such as Josep Miret, Eudald Serra, Josep Viladomat, Rosa Serra, Josep Llimona, Joan Farrés, Josep Clarà, Pablo Gargallo, Juan Muñoz and Jaume Plensa.

With the Barberí Laboratory we collect a legacy and a witness.


The platform relies on the joint of RCR Arquitectes, the soul of the laboratory, RCR Lab· A, managing body, and RCR Bunka, institution in charge of communication and cultural arm of the project.

RCR Arquitectes proposes understanding architecture through personal experience, in an immersion in the universe of RCR.

RCR Lab·A provides the research themes.

The RCR Bunka Foundation complements the project with a program of pronounced cultural and architectonic character, supporting transversality as main axis and enhancing communication and dissemination.