I International Workshop of Dance

From July 29 to August 2, 2019

Directors: Pep Ramis y María Muñoz

Assistant/s: to be determined


RCR Summer Workshop is born of a way of understanding Architecture and Landsacpe from a humanistic spirit. The coexistence in a space and time of different creative disciplines creates synergies for mutual enrichment between the parties.

International Workshop of Dance

Mal Pelo, with the artistic co-direction of Pep Ramis and María Muñoz, is a creative group characterized by shared authorship. Since 1989, Mal Pelo has been developing its own artistic language through the movement, incorporating theatricality with the creation of dramaturgies that include the word, working with composers for the creation of original soundtracks, collaborating with video artists, among others.

Elaborating the dramaturgy of a specific piece is not a linear and progressive path, it is a chain of decisions in which we do not know or even reject a previous structure. We speak of a dramaturgy configured by the body, by its gestures, but also by space, words, rhythm, music, lighting and objects.

The stage space is exciting because of its capacity for transformation. Discovering whether or not there is a feedback process between space and body, and how it is produced, is perhaps one of the most exciting challenges that writing on stage offers. Space is rhythm, light is rhythm. Building and rebuilding has awakened a constant curiosity similar to the one that awakens the movement.

The Program consists in

  • Creative Atelier. Mal Pelo offers a workshop where you can experiment with the mechanisms of action and what they trigger. A look at the movement and the writing of the body in action. Accuracy, duration, commitment, intensities, silence, absences, presences, punctuation, habitability, capitulation, phrasing, linearity, temporality, musicality, rhythm, writing, are some of the terms that we will question during the course. The work in the studio will be combined with some sessions abroad. To actuate: Exercise an action. Make gestures and movements to give something to understand. Command the action of a mechanism.
  • Open Program. An exhibition, a cycle of conferences and parallel activities, open to the public.


  • Creative Atelier, from Monday to Friday, from 10h30 a.m. to 1h30 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Open Program, from Monday to Friday, from 7h30 p.m. to 9 p.m. See Open Program.

Teaching Load: 36,5 hours.

  • Creative Atelier, 27h.
  • Open Program, 9,5h.


The workshop will take place in the rehearsal room of the Teatre Principal d’Olot, Passeig d’en Blay 5, 17800 Olot (Girona), Spain. The space is conditioned to develop the course.


Spanish is the common language. We recommend a basic knowledge of Spanish.

English is the second official language of the Summer Workshop. Those participating without knowledge of the Spanish will receive assistance during the Creative Atelier and the site visits. Consecutive interpreting of conferences is foreseen for the Open Program.


Participants of the International Workshop of Dance will receive a certificate issued by RCR BUNKA Private Fundation.


Application Process

Requirements for your application to be considered:

  • Profile: The workshop is aimed at persons over the age of 18 years from all creative areas.
  • Online form: Submission of the online form with all details of the candidate.
  • Portfolio: Online submission of the portfolio including curriculum information in pdf format (max. 3 MB), with the file named as follows: portfolio-name-surname1-surname2.pdf.
  • Full documentation: Applications that do not provide all the requested documentation will be excluded from the selection process.
  • Admission: The submission of the application form does not guarantee the direct entry to the program. All candidates will be part of the selection process.
  • Registration: until Friday, April 12, 2019

Selection Process

  • Selection criteria: for the selection of participants will be considered the information on the online form and the portfolio.
  • Places planned: 20
  • Selection of participants:
    • First Call: until Friday, April 26, 2019. Communication to participants admitted, not admitted and on waiting list.
    • Second Call: until Friday, May 17, 2019. Communication to participants on waiting list.
  • Communications: All communications will be via e-mail.


Tuition Fee of 300 Euros.

The amount of the tuition fee is possible thanks to the collaboration of different public and private institutions, and companies, and is therefore subsidised. See Collaborators 2019

Payment Conditions

  • Tuition Fee: The tuition fee amounts to a total of 300,00 Euros, and
    • includes the participation in the creative atelier and the access to the Open Program. It includes also a civil responsibility insurance and a party at the end of the Summer Workshop.
    • does not include accommodation and maintenance of the participants.
  • Payment:
    • Participants admitted in the first call will make the payment of the tuition fee until Friday, May 10, 2019.
    • Participants on waiting list admitted in the second call will make the payment of the tuition fee until Friday, May 31, 2019.
    • Candidates who do not pay within the deadline will be automatically excluded from the program.
  • Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation after Friday, June 14, 2019 the tuition fee will not be refunded. Cancellation will only be accepted in case of severe illness of the participant (need of written medical report).
  • Payment Method: In case of being admitted, we accept payments by
    • by bank transfer or credit card to the account number that we will provide you per e-mail.
    • by PayPal, with an increase that will be communicated per e-mail.
    • We do not accept bank charges. Please ensure the full amount of the tuition fee reaches us.

Medical Insurance

We recommend foreign participants to obtain a medical insurance.

Calendar of Admissions to the I International Workshop of Dance

Friday, April 12, 2019: Deadline for registration

New calendar of admissions:
Friday, May 17, 2019: Second deadline for registration
Friday, May 24, 2019: Deadline of first call: Communication to participants admitted, not admitted and on waiting list
Friday, June 7, 2019:
Deadline for full payment of tuition fee for admitted participants

Friday, June 14, 2019: Deadline of second call: Communication to participants from waiting list
Friday, June 21, 2019: Deadline for full payment of tuition fee for participants from waiting list

Monday, July 15, 2019: Start of workshop
Friday, August 2, 2019: End of workshop

RCR Summer Workshop 2018 Masterclass of Dance

Teaching staff

Pep Ramis


Stage director and dancer-actor
Co-director of the L’animal a l’esquena Creation Center
of  the I International Workshop of Dance

Pep Ramis (Manacor, Spain, 1962) was born in Mallorca in a family where music and painting were very present. Throughout his training he studied cello, puppets and voice techniques. From his childhood, drawing is part of his everyday imagination. His interest in the stage was born in 1985 when he found in this a confluence place of all his previous experiences, the body being the backbone. After collaborating in 1986 with La Dux -formed by Maria Antònia Oliver and María Muñoz-, in 1987 he took part in Adriana Borriello’s Scirocco show in Italy. In 1989, he formed the Mal Pelo creation group with María Muñoz, where he developed his facet as a set designer and designer of installation spaces. He is currently stage director, dancer-actor and co-director of the creation center L’animal a l’esquena in Celrà, Girona.

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María Muñoz


Choreographer and dancer
Co-director of the L’animal a l’esquena Creation Center
of the I International Workshop of Dance

María Muñoz (Valencia, Spain, 1963), of parents born in Chera (Guadalajara) and Panticosa (Aragonese Pyrenees), grows in Valencia where she studies music and practices competitive athletics. There she also started dancing and, traveled later to Amsterdam and Barcelona to extend her training. She has her first professional experience with the Japanese company resident in Holland Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater in the show Era in 1982. In 1985, the training with Maria Antònia Oliver of the group La Dux marks the beginning of her own career in stage creation. In 1988 she collaborates with Pep Ramis in the creation of Cuarto trastero and in 1989 they form the group Mal Pelo in which both share the creation and direction since then. Within the group, she develops a facet of researcher and pedagogue of the movement. She also edits and stimulates the creation of texts for the stage. She is currently a choreographer, dancer and co-director of the L’animal a l’esquena Creation Center in Celrà, Girona, Spain.

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Mal Pelo

Dance Company and creative group

Since 1989 Mal Pelo has presented, among others, the shows Quarere (1989), Sur, Perros del Sur (1992), Dol (1994), La calle del imaginero (1996), Orache (1998), El alma del bicho (1999) ), L’animal a l’esquena (2001), Atrás los ojos (2002), An el silenci (2003), BACH (2004), ATLAS(2005), Testimoni de llops (2006), He visto caballos (2008) , Todos los nombres (2010), Caín & Caín (2011), La esperanza de vida de una liebre (2013), El Quinto Invierno (2015), 7 Moons (2015) and 7 Lunas (2015) y The Mountain, the Truth and the Paradise (2017)..

In 2001, Pep Ramis and María Muñoz promoted L’animal a l’esquena, a multidisciplinary creation and exchange center in a 19-hectare farm located in Celrà, Girona, Spain. A refuge that encourages experimentation and the exchange of ideas and experiences among stage directors, musicians, video artists, theoreticians and dancers who participate in residences, workshops and laboratories.

Mal Pelo has received, among others, the National Prize of Dance 2002 granted by the Generalitat of Catalonia for the show L’animal a l’esquena and for the initiative of the Creation Center of Celrà with the same name.

It has also received the National Dance Award 2009 / Creation modality awarded by the INAEM- Spanish Ministry of Culture in recognition of the company’s trajectory in the field of choreographic creation and the opening of new paths in contemporary dance. Special mention to the Bachshow and the L’animal a L’esquena Creation Center. Mal Pelo is a resident company since 2000 in L’animal a l’esquena.

Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2017 of Dance to the company Mal Pelo, María Muñoz – Pep Ramis, for the generous and delicate transmission of the piece Bach created by María Muñoz, and the brilliant and exceptional interpretation of Federica Porello that brings a new light to the great wealth of choreography.

Mal Pelo

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The calendar of the I International Workshop of Dance 2019 is being prepared. During the workshop, the calendar may be subject to changes that will be communicated on the info board.